Ethical design game for developing AI

More and more organizations find it important to develop “ethically responsible” AI applications. But what exactly is ethical? And how do you design AI systems that meet ethical guidelines? In this cooperative game, together you design ethically responsible AI applications.

In the game, the players are approached by the start-up “Ethics Inc.” to develop a reliable AI application that complies with European guidelines. The players form a think tank to advise the startup on how they can best develop this application. The game ends when consensus is reached after one or more rounds. Together you translate abstract values into a specific use case.

This game was developed by The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT)  in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence research group of the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the standards commission AI of the NEN (The Royal Netherlands Standardization Institute). The game is graphically designed by You can order a physical copy in Dutch by sending an email to (€15,00 excl. shipping costs). Both an English version and a digital version are in development. The cards (Dutch for now) can also be downloaded as a PDF to print yourself.

A questionnaire for the initial Dutch users has been created to evaluate and improve the game. This can be found HERE te vinden (this link will take you to the Crowdtech survey website).

Want to know more? The philosophy behind the design game is further explored in the paper An Agile Framework for Trustworthy AI which is accepted for the ECAI-2020 Workshop “New Foundations for Human-Centered AI”. For more information, also see the HU project page or the project partners below.